Friday, September 10, 2010

We're hearing lots of new words from Lily these days. She says her own name, tho I'm sure she doesn't know that it IS her name. But "YeeYee" is miles ahead of where I thought she'd be at this age. She's also saying "Sorry" and "tiki" (thank you) a lot. It's hard to encourage a kid to say 'thank you'... your only rational response is to say 'you're welcome' and then it just sounds like you're correcting them. Here's your sippy, baby. "Tiki" You're welcome. "But... I thought I was supposed to say thank you. Fine. You're welcome for taking this sippy from you. Whatever, dude."

I need to convince Lily that she does NOT in fact want to sit inside the new china cabinet. Maybe we'll need to baby-lock the doors. She opens them far to easily and then proceeds to cram herself in to the tiniest space. Might work to just encourage her to stuff her bears, etc. in there. Then there's no room for her but she still gets to play.

My mother-in-law will be moving back out soon. I do not like this. But I do like that she'll be moving in with a dear friend who needs the company and comforting. So it's all good, I guess. We'll just have to get better at planning/hosting family dinners or my kids my stage a revolt and also try to move...

Summer needs to hurry up and make way for Autumn. I'm tired of the heat. And I want to wear my comfy sweat pants, which I will insist on wearing rather than actually get around to buying normal, grown-up mommy outfits. It's just too complicated.

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