Friday, September 17, 2010

Mooing the grass?

Last night, Justin came over to help Chad run some cabling from the attic down to the living room. Our network connectivity from down here has been pretty shady lately and we were hoping it was only the wireless thinger on the XBox that was at fault. I was worried that when it came time to drill from the outside, we'd end up with more than one hole in the wall and there'd be something to patch and paint again. Turns out my husband is amazing and everything went relatively smoothly. Hooray! Not only did we not end up with multiple holes, we now have access to our Netflix Instant queue again. :) This makes mommy HAPPY!

Today, the yard guys showed up. I'm pretty sure they were supposed to hit us last week but they didn't and the grass was completely out of control. Toys were missing, bones were disappearing (sad doggies!) and mosquitoes were finding places to breed. Ugh. GIANT mosquitoes. The kind I thought were Alaska natives. I need to fog the yard again and maybe get some extra and fog the neighborhood. Drive by fogging. :)

Izzy is fascinated by the guys outside. "Why they mooing the grass, Momma? Why do they moo it?" I don't think she's getting it when I explain and re-explain that it's "mow," not moo. "Ok. But why they moo it??" To make it pretty, baby. "Oh. They moo it to make it pretty. That's funny."

Sourdough bread is making my house smell delicious. I wish I could remember when I put it in the oven so it wouldn't be a guessing game. Nobody wins when you have to guess the right time to turn off the oven.

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