Friday, August 18, 2006

You know what you do when you're really full?

You keep eating. It dulls the pain of the splodey innards.

Someone in our office smells like a girl. I smell like vanilla, Nicole smells like some sort of conditioner and Sarada is mysteriously without any odor at all. That leaves the guys.

It's the new guy. The answers we got from the rest when we asked them if they were wearing perfume are as follows:

No! My wife would never let me out of the house like that.
What? (turns and walks away)
Yes. It's by Mary Kay and it's for men.

Why? Who answers "are you wearing perfume?" with WHY?

Lou does. Because that's how he rolls.

Monday, August 14, 2006

I really do like green...

But not as much as you might think. I like my green shirts. And my green blog. But not my green car. Not REALLY really. I mean, Oscar is nice and all but he needs a bath and some glue and some seat and steering wheel covers. I fry my hands every day after work, just getting out of the parking lot. It's ridiculous.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Rodeo Clowns

Only an hour and a half till I leave the office and I'm hoping it passes quickly. I love my job, but the up-down pace of it all is a bit tiring.

I took the kiddo to Tab's yesterday. I miss talking to her but I don't know how to talk to her anymore. We don't have much in common other than plants and the kids. I think we stayed there for about 20 minutes before heading on to Wal-Mart to wander around for a while.

I'm not completely sure what to do with my new-found freedom. I like being able to take myself and the kiddo places but what to do? Today, we'll go to the mall or something since the boy won't be home early. Mebbe we can spend some time at the pet store or something.

Driving is becoming a bit of a curse, I think. The ease of accomplishing things is wonderful still but the responsibility sucks. Oscar has this thing about pulling in random directions on different areas of the highway. That makes me incredibly nervous. I'm sure it will get easier with time but I'm not convinced I'll overcome the highway-dread. If I could find an alternate route that didn't typically take 15 minutes more to traverse, I'd use it every day.

Work relations are getting better. Tony's been gone for... a week? Two weeks? Who cares. It's nice not having to worry about deflecting every word that comes out of his mouth. Granted, it's a lot quieter now but I'm gradually getting used to that, as much as it drives me crazy. So I'm getting used to being crazy. Great.

Found out yesterday that my nickname between Tony and Sean was "nice ass." I'm sure Sean is telling the truth that Tony started it and he just used the term because he was too lazy to learn my name at first. But still. It's borderline. As a girl, it's easy to become annoyed by things like that but it's just as easy to brush it off because it IS a compliment of sorts. We like to hear that boys find us attractive, we just don't want to hear the descriptive terms.

I'm betting that no one reads this anymore but I needed to update all the same. If I can remember to put FrontPage on this PC, I'll redesign the blog and maybe renew my interest in the upkeep of it. We shall see.