Friday, March 23, 2007

Friday! Hooray!

I thought today would never get here. And it's dragging by so very slowly. :(

Yesterday it occurred to me that while I've taken care of plenty of babies, I've never been solely responsible. I use 'solely' very loosely, of course. I have the best partner for this. But I've never felt this kind of pressure to know so much about taking care of a baby. It's one thing to provide supplemental care for a baby that's already being raised by someone else but to have to provide everything? Skeery.

Things we need to do before Izzy is born:

1. Rearrange the bedroom to accommodate a crib. I know we have plenty of space for it, it's just a matter of finding the BEST place. Mustn't be right by the window or by a door or in a draft.

2. Put bookshelves in the bedroom/get books out of the spare room.

3. Childproof cabinets! Can't put that off till she's crawling around or it'll never actually get done.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Blogger is stupid

I don't know why, but I can't publish properly. Which isn't going to stop me from posting. It just won't go anywhere. Apparently.

Week... uh... 23?

I think that's right. Time flies!

Izzy has been moving aLOT lately. There are still days when I don't feel pregnant but as she starts to move more consistantly and with more purpose, it's harder to ignore. :) Bedtime and during tv-watching is teh best. I swear she's doing somersaults in there or playing jump-rope with her umbilical cord.

That reminds me. Have to do the cord-blood thing. Sucks that it's kind of expensive but I really do think it'll be a good idea. I'd rather pay 3600 or so to give her the best possible recourse should something crazy go wrong than not have that lifeline and need it. I'm sure she'll be fine but if we have another baby later on who needs those stem cells, it'd be great to have it all stored away.

A week and a half till my birthday party. :) I'm excited, I think. I like any excuse to be silly and demanding.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Marching right along...

Peanut is moving right along. About 13 ounces now and probably 10 inches long, head to heel. At the same time as I'm amazed by how much larger I'VE gotten, I can't believe Peanut is that big already. Growing like a weed!

Tomorrow is a second ultrasound to figure out exactly what showed up on one image. Could be nothing, could be something... apparently it takes a Maternal/Fetal Medicine Man to figure it out. Doesn't look like the boy can take time away from work for this appointment but I don't think he really has to. Just more pictures of the cutest little Peanut ever!

Kimberly is having a boy according to her ultrasound today. I know she wanted a girl and I was really hoping we'd both have girls... would have been lots of fun. Oh well. They'll still be ridiculously close.

Joel and Stacey had their little boy on Tuesday. Levi was incredibly talkative about the 'beebee' and announcing everyone's names. He's almost got mine down... if you know what he's saying. heh. He's convinced that everyone has a beebee in their tummy, even him. Ridiculously cute child. He'll be jealous of the attention the babies get but I really do think he's going to be excited about all the new playmates.

Work is becoming quite tiresome. Yesterday I was in a funk all day and couldn't pin it on any one thing. I'm not worried about the dr appointment tomorrow and knowing the gender of our little one is crazy exciting (no more IT!)... just couldn't shake the FUNK. Today is a bit better but I think the lack of truly restful sleep is just getting harder to deal with. Once Justin has a car and can be here every day, I might try working shorter hours and see if taking a nap or just being able to sleep in will help. I don't like feeling run-down for no reason.