Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hello, Fail.

It seems my attempt at a spending diet is not really working. I feel like I'm spending less bc my grocery trips are between $30-40 each week but the in-between stuff... ugh. The dog food and soda and random 'hey, let's eat ___ tonight' and new clothes for Izzy as she SPROUTS and just random.... STUFF is insane. I talk myself out of so many things and then allow myself to buy something else later and it's just adding up too fast. But none of it feels 'extra'. I've got worn out clothing and too-big clothing and not-age-appropriate clothing... so I've bought a few things that I feel like I deserve. But the cc balance says we should go without. So... yeah. poop.

We do ok cutting back on eating out for a couple of weeks and then it seems like it just creeps back in. We're out late and don't want to cook or he doesn't take a lunch with him so he goes out or friends come over and we order something.

Why is it so hard to budget? Surely there are concrete lists we can adhere to. I suppose making those lists would mean we'd have to actually sit down and draw them up. Which would mean having the time AND the desire to do so.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Texas Spring

Yesterday was overcast but comfortable so we took the boat out for a few hours. I don't think we got near as much sun as the last time and Izzy actually had a little bit of fun in the water. We 'beached' in a little cove and wandered up and down the shore picking up shells. I wish I'd taken more pictures but maybe next time Lily won't be crying the whole time and I'll remember to snap a few.

Today is wet and cold and windy. Aside from the excessive greenery, it looks almost winter-like outside. Soggy ground, grey skies... unhappy dogs, bored kids.

Next weekend is the homeschooling bookfair in Arlington. It runs all day long and I'm planning to go with Megan. I think she'll have Zeke with her but I'm hopeful I can leave both girls here. I can't concentrate when they are with me and trying to run amok.

I'm really hoping to find a line of curriculum that will be as helpful to me as it will be educational for Izzy (and Lily). I have a hard time scheduling school time and establishing a clear demarcation between lazy-chaotic-fun zones and focused-organized zones. The only area I have to set up any kind of bulletin board is the play room and it's nearly impossible to ask the girls to turn away from their toy distractions and focus on 'B is for Ball....'

Mary Kay

I believe I've been invited to try Mary Kay products two or three times and I've never bothered. Principally because I imagined they were far more expensive than I would care to afford. I have to confess I also imagined I would feel extremely awkward and out of place at a Mary Kay party. Me, the frumpy frazzled stay-at-home mom. It just never fit.

However, I'm currently infatuated with shows like What Not to Wear and I long to wear fun makeup so that I can be the cute frazzled mom. (I've decided dropping the 'frazzled' bit is impossible. Who with three kids and two of them GIRLS can help being frazzled?) I spent 20 minutes the other day watching a girl's how-to videos on YouTube and was enthralled by the use of this magical product called foundation primer. I've never heard of this! A foundation for your foundation? What WILL they think of next? I must have it! But I didn't know where to get it or what brand I would like and the biggest thing I abhor about buying face/beauty products is the expense of acquiring things that just aren't quite right. The failed experiment drawer is not pretty.

A week or two ago, I got an invitation from a friend to a Mary Kay party. She's decided to start this as a side business and I admire her for tackling this in addition to a full-time job and full-time mothering. So how could I not attend? A Girls Night, even with girls I don't know, is always to be appreciated. Anywhoo... last night was a great night. I showed up nearly an hour late but hadn't missed the fun parts and for the next nearly 2.5 hours, got to enjoy experimenting with fun facial products and colors.