Thursday, July 27, 2006

The more things change, the more they stay the same

I find myself staring off into space more than I used to. With nothing to distract me, it's easy to plan out the rest of my week while boring a visual hole into the wall. This differs from being jobless only because I now have things I can't do every day that I wish I could.

Purchasing a massage/mani/pedi package for someone yesterday makes me more aware of my own self. I could do with an hour-long rub-down and cuticle adjustment. You know the massage kiosks in the malls now? No one ever offers me a massage there. They accost the overweight and the elderly instead. More cushion for the pushin'? No one wants to try to work out the kinks on me... I assume because they're not sure what's a kink and what's a rib or shoulderblade. Moo ha. Skinny-joke, you see.

I didn't eat breakfast this morning and I don't have any bagels left. Yesterday, I discovered that they'd turned green and blue with mold. It was disheartening. That peanut butter under the ledge of the desk/counter is calling my name, though. Surely no one here would be surprised to see me eating it by the spoonful.

Lou Dobbs is on to the President and his wiley law-avoidance. Unfortunately, not enough people are aware enough of what it all entails to actually DO anything about it. So the example of law circumvention will continue and the public at large will continue to bemoan the disregard for law that's so prevalent in big business and small children.

You don't think it all trickles down?

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Some things just never change.

At Stream, a good portion of my day passed before I was even truly awake. Our schedule was 7-6, four days a week. This is a good schedule to have, you know. Your work day starts before you're conscious enough to rebel against it and ends before it's too late to accomplish worthwhile tasks.

This morning I got up, showered, watered the front yard and flower beds and then drove to work before I had even really stopped yawning. I'm still yawning. The more I read this entry, the more somnambulant I'm becoming.

Thinking about the similarities makes me miss my morning pastries. :( I have a feeling that once I'm on my own with the driving, I'll still be leaving early just so I can stop at a gas station and pay a dollar and a half for a semi-healthful pastry. But Yoohoo is out of the question. That shit will fuck you up.

Have you seen the video clip with Tony Blair and Dub talking about the Hezbollah/Israel issue? I can't stand the way our president chews with his mouth open and SMACKS constantly but I do think he was right about the Syrian and Lebanese gov'ts needing to take charge and stop this shit. It's insane. Call off your rabid dogs or put them down, methinks.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

It's been a while, I know.

Superfast updates because I'm ready to pass out:

Job is going well. I've been there a little over a month now and I'm pretty sure I've got it down. There are still the occasional puzzlements but I don't feel bad when they puzzle everyone else, too.

Work on the house is advancing. New floors in the office/kitchen/laundry room/bathrooms and new cabinets in the kitchen.

The kiddo is going to stay with us the rest of the year. He's currently spending weeks at Gram's house till I have a license/car situation sorted out and school starts.

License and car are in the works. I've done enough driving to get almost comfortable with it and definitely enough to get excited about the whole prospect. Now if only purchasing a car weren't such a fiasco. Finding the right one is the major pain in the ass. Someone should read my mind, know what I want/need and then offer it to me for cheap.

That's all I have for now. I'm tired all the time and I think my brain is shrinking.