Monday, September 13, 2010


Lily has discovered the joys of repetitive sounds. Today, she's been bringing me the See and Say and demanding "E AH E AH OO". I guess it's one of the easiest tunes to sing along with when you're a year old. Seems like the only other one she's latched on to has been "My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean," because she can say 'be bat, be bat' a lot.

Received an order from LectraLock today. Finally, I can cover outlets that are in use and keep the girls from un/re plugging everything 50 times a day. Of course, as soon as I got started installing one lock, Lily ran off with the screw driver and stuck it through the grill of a box fan and scared herself silly. At least it was through the front side and not the back, into the guts of the fan. I foresee many 'holy crap, what has she done NOW?' moments in our future. It's not enough that she's fearless about trying new things... she has to look for things that no child should attempt.

Yesterday, I started a batch of sourdough bread. Of course, after mixing up the sponge a bit, I forgot to attend to it till nearly 10 hours later. It didn't seem to be any worse for the neglect so I kneaded it a while and left it to rise. The recipe calls for an hour and a half of resting time but it was so late, I figured maybe I'd risk leaving it longer than that. Surely the girls could be trusted to wake me in the wee hours so I could come back down and bake the bread. Right? No. Not last night. Last night, they slept like BABIES. So this morning, I came down to the kitchen at about 8 and the dough had apparently had enough of my shenanigans and decided to make a break for it. Thankfully, dough is not the fastest entity and it only made it a few inches out of the bowl and onto the counter. I don't know if you can ruin sourdough (well, aside from letting the starter grow mold or something)... it currently is in the form of two huge loaves and smells delicious.

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