Thursday, September 16, 2010

Baby's first blisters.

We had family over last night and Izzy was so excited to have friends to play with that she put on shoes that were WAY too small. :( After running around outside for a couple of hours, she was trying to come in and got knocked into the doorway by Pullo. After comforting her for that, I put her down and she started to WAIL. Her shoes had rubbed blisters on one heel and the other ankle. Poor kid couldn't walk without screaming about it. After washing her feet off and putting some E on the blisters, she seemed to be ok for a while. Sure, she crawled around instead of walking but she wasn't crying any more.

After putting her to bed, she woke herself up a couple of times, I'm assuming by rubbing her blisters too much in her sleep. Finally convinced her to let me put antibiotic and bandages on them and this morning she seemed fine. Even put shoes on and went running around like normal. We splashed in water a bit and had to take the shoes off so now she's back to crawling on the floor or asking me to carry her around. Who knew blisters were so incapacitating?

Lily's discovered saying 'mine' and 'mommy'. I know there's something else we noticed her saying but I can't think what it was. Her sense of humor is changing every day. She likes to make silly faces for the camera and say 'cheese'. Oh! she tells the dogs to 'sit', too. I think she hears me say it every time they come in so as soon as they walk around her, she says 'doggy sit!'

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