Wednesday, June 29, 2011

June 29, 2011 A

Just a few things that are puzzling me today:

How can a boy who is so messy use up ALL the soap?? Seriously. I think he gets lost in the moment and just loves the suds too much. At least it's not bar soap... the scum it leaves seriously grosses me out. 

Why did so many people move to Texas? It's not pretty. It's hotter than Hades. There are maybe 2 natural lakes in the entire region. WHAT WAS WRONG WITH PEOPLE? Yeesh. When I grow up, I want to move to Colorado. Or Oregon. 

What do car mechanics get paid? I took my car in for an oil change some time ago and they wanted to charge me another $35 to change my under-hood air filter and $90 to change the cabin filter. I purchased both for a total of $40 and did them myself in less than 20 minutes. What on earth were they planning on doing that meant I should shell out another $85?

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