Thursday, June 9, 2011

Much sadder Eeyore.

We went to the store this morning to pick up fruit and yogurt to make smoothies. With nowhere else to be, we took our time, wandering the aisles and looking at all the unnecessary things. A little plush Eeyore caught Izzy's eye and she asked if maybe next time 'could we come back and get the very sad Eeyore' so she could 'take him home and be his mommy'? I said "We already have a sad Eeyore at home, don't you remember?" Izzy's reply was perfect: "But this one is MUCH SADDER!" When did my little 3 year old figure out justification, not to mention degrees?

There's no connection but my little Izzy is going to be a much sadder Izzy when she finds out we are likely to NOT have her brother this summer. She looks forward to his visits every week and while she understands we don't have him every weekend, she knows that he DOES come here and on the weeks she gets a "yes, he'll be here soon!" she is always so excited. The grown up world is difficult to navigate. It's hard on the grown-ups and probably many times more difficult for the little ones. So many arbitrary decisions being made and changes of heart occurring.

I recently changed this to a private blog because I feared too many things could be taken out of context or twisted to mean something they don't but it seems now that no matter what, people can decide what they believe is true and just live accordingly. It doesn't matter a bit what I say or feel if someone else wants to attribute motives or opinions to me. This makes me a much sadder me.

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