Tuesday, June 21, 2011

After the storm

There's nothing quite like crawling into bed sometime after midnight, only to be awoken at 3am by pounding rain and hail. If our room was in the back of the house, it wouldn't be so bad. But unfortunately, the kids have the back bedrooms and the staccato of the rain and hail on their windows is impossible to sleep through.

Lily woke when I went in the girls' room to gather them up. We ended up going downstairs because the wind was howling like mad. Turns out the worst of the storm was right on top of us but at least that meant it was short-lived.

Most normal people, when woken by thunderstorms, can go back to sleep when it quiets down. Our girls do NOT have that ability. I laid on their floor till 7am and probably slept about an hour of that time. Lily was adamantly asking for more drink and didn't understand why I wouldn't schlep up and down the stairs for her. I guess she finally wore herself out at about 5. And then Isobel woke up and came down to the floor to lay down with me at 6. She was so sweet about it, patting my back and trying to tuck the blanket around me.

Thankfully, it appears we escaped any really terrible damage. The hail shredded the trees pretty well but the car doesn't have really noticeable dings in it.

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