Friday, June 17, 2011

Oh wait!

I totally forgot to put this here. My parents had their beit din and mikveh yesterday. It's amazing how so many years of yearning and 'somedays' can culminate in an hour long event that forever changes your identity. No long 'practicing Jews', my parents are officially members of the Tribe. :)

My next meeting with Rabbi  Dennis will be the 21st of July and we'll make sure then whether the tentative mikveh date of Aug 18th still works. I'm anxious and completely at peace at the same time.

We had a good conversation last night. I mentioned how sometimes it seems I should be doing more or learning more or asking more. As if there should be more changes going on internally as well as just in my general lifestyle. He told me that attending services, keeping Shabbat and the various holidays, having an active prayer "routine" are actually considerable progress and other things can come in time. There are chaverot and study groups that function within congregation that I can become part of eventually. Hopefully, we can meet some other families that we can hang out with and let the kids form some friendships of their own.

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