Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My first Friday in a long time.

As most SAHMs could tell you, there is no such thing as a "Friday" or a "weekend." When Wednesday rolls around, SAHMs don't rejoice that their work is nearing an end of any sort. Fridays might as well be Mondays and weekends are just more days of not getting enough sleep and having things to do. I've been trying to change this for myself because I don't want to be cranky all week long. I guess I'd rather be cranky Monday through Friday and sort of relax at least on Saturday. It's hard to just leave laundry sitting out or toys on the floor or bathrooms uncleaned. After all, that work won't go away simply because it's the weekend, it just means you get to do it later. And my motto has always been "better now than later" so it's doubly hard to resist the urge.

All that said... I cannot WAIT for Friday this week. We'll be getting up early and cleaning, tossing out leftovers, making sure the dogs' yard is clean, packing and double checking all sorts of things. Because we. are. going. to. Oregon. Yep! We are packing up the kiddos and Nana taking off to the most beautiful part of the U.S. for a week.

Hopefully, the airline won't screw up and leave us wandering the airport for HOURS this time...

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