Friday, October 15, 2010


After a few years of complaining about the blinds in our living room, I've finally gotten around to taking them down and putting up curtains instead. They aren't anything super exciting but they are definitely more attractive than bare wall and blinds that only sort of work. I only hope that the girls can refrain from pulling them down.

 This morning, I walked into the girls' room in time to see Lily putting Izzy's shorts on her head. The look of concentration on her face and the expression of satisfaction were just priceless. I scooped her up and said "Let's go show Daddy" and she says "leh go, leh go!" She was so proud of her hat. She took them off again in our room so she could see to climb up on the bed but then when I said "Silly girl, those are sister's shorts" she replied with "no, nuny hat!" I had no idea she knew how to put those words together! She amazes me every day.

I think I've become hooked on Grey's Anatomy. Kind of makes me wish I'd actually stuck with the show when it first started. I remember thinking it was good but we must have had too many shows to keep up with.

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