Saturday, April 1, 2006

Streak Broken

Ok, so last night, Dallas' winning streak when a game goes to shoot-out was broken. By freaking Anaheim. I'm not saying Anaheim sucks or anything. They've done well, especially lately. But still! Up until this point, if the Stars could drive it to a shootout, it was a sure thing. And Jussi has failed to introduce the puck to the back of the net the last TWO times he's participated in the shootout. WTF, mate?

Today is his birthday, though and I have hopes for the rookie. LA is a tough team for Dallas but I think they can pull it off.

8 and 2 in the last ten. 8 more games after tonight. Surely we can expect a nice little run up to the playoffs. Then it's a whole new 'ballgame.' Damn the lack of hockey analogies. A whole new sheet of ice? A new pond?

I'm frelling tired. :(

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