Monday, April 3, 2006

Mondays are fun!

This year, I feel compelled to take pictures of my roses every day. I can't believe how pretty they are and yet I can't quite capture it on 'film.' Last year, the four bushes in the back yard were in bloom at the same time but even though they are different varieties, they all looked the same. This year, there's a marked difference between the barely-pinks in the front and the dark-as-my-hair-was-when-i-got-married-pinks in the back.

Interesting. Saw a preview for "cotter and louise" just now... I didn't like the couple when they competed on Last Comic Standing and I'm pretty sure I won't like them now. But I feel compelled to watch because their children are so cute. Damn twins!

Vonage is neat. I can sit at my desk, with the phone RIGHT NEXT TO ME and use "Click 2 Call" to dial a number. What happens when I dial the number from my computer? It calls my phone. Which I have to answer. And then it dials the number I wanted to call. So... what exactly is this service supposed to do for me? I know... the premise is that you use a phone book and only ever have to type the numbers ONCE but still. How lazy do we really have to think we are?

I have new glasses. Again. I got these made with the correction in only the right lens because it's my gimpy eye. Stupid eyeball doesn't like to behave sometimes. I think it's an inherited degenerative issue but I'm not sure. I don't really want to go to an ophthalmologist and find out. Spelling that is enough effort.

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