Sunday, May 1, 2011

Mary Kay

I believe I've been invited to try Mary Kay products two or three times and I've never bothered. Principally because I imagined they were far more expensive than I would care to afford. I have to confess I also imagined I would feel extremely awkward and out of place at a Mary Kay party. Me, the frumpy frazzled stay-at-home mom. It just never fit.

However, I'm currently infatuated with shows like What Not to Wear and I long to wear fun makeup so that I can be the cute frazzled mom. (I've decided dropping the 'frazzled' bit is impossible. Who with three kids and two of them GIRLS can help being frazzled?) I spent 20 minutes the other day watching a girl's how-to videos on YouTube and was enthralled by the use of this magical product called foundation primer. I've never heard of this! A foundation for your foundation? What WILL they think of next? I must have it! But I didn't know where to get it or what brand I would like and the biggest thing I abhor about buying face/beauty products is the expense of acquiring things that just aren't quite right. The failed experiment drawer is not pretty.

A week or two ago, I got an invitation from a friend to a Mary Kay party. She's decided to start this as a side business and I admire her for tackling this in addition to a full-time job and full-time mothering. So how could I not attend? A Girls Night, even with girls I don't know, is always to be appreciated. Anywhoo... last night was a great night. I showed up nearly an hour late but hadn't missed the fun parts and for the next nearly 2.5 hours, got to enjoy experimenting with fun facial products and colors.

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