Sunday, May 1, 2011

Texas Spring

Yesterday was overcast but comfortable so we took the boat out for a few hours. I don't think we got near as much sun as the last time and Izzy actually had a little bit of fun in the water. We 'beached' in a little cove and wandered up and down the shore picking up shells. I wish I'd taken more pictures but maybe next time Lily won't be crying the whole time and I'll remember to snap a few.

Today is wet and cold and windy. Aside from the excessive greenery, it looks almost winter-like outside. Soggy ground, grey skies... unhappy dogs, bored kids.

Next weekend is the homeschooling bookfair in Arlington. It runs all day long and I'm planning to go with Megan. I think she'll have Zeke with her but I'm hopeful I can leave both girls here. I can't concentrate when they are with me and trying to run amok.

I'm really hoping to find a line of curriculum that will be as helpful to me as it will be educational for Izzy (and Lily). I have a hard time scheduling school time and establishing a clear demarcation between lazy-chaotic-fun zones and focused-organized zones. The only area I have to set up any kind of bulletin board is the play room and it's nearly impossible to ask the girls to turn away from their toy distractions and focus on 'B is for Ball....'

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