Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Rained-out Wednesday

Chad is taking a vacation week right now and so far, we've managed to go out on the boat a total of ZERO times. Part of this is due to my not feeling up to it Sunday and Monday and part of it is due to a ridiculous amount of wind and sketchy rain. So, since we haven't been on the water, he's been working on the boat, rerouting some wiring and installing new lights, etc. to get things up to snuff. I know the next big job will be updating the trailer and then painting the boat. When that's all done, it's going to be one sharp looking classic.

Of course, it's also Passover week. This makes finding things to do or places to go a little more difficult than usual but maybe all the enforced family time will do us good?

We had a family Seder Monday evening and then I took Izzy to the community seder with my parents. I haven't been to a group seder before and it was an amazing night. Being part of a larger community of believers is so encouraging. I don't know that I've ever experienced any real doubts that I'm doing the right thing by pursuing conversion but seeing Isobel get involved with the prayers and singing and ritual of Passover definitely helps reaffirm the choice.

With Isobel's birthday coming up in the next few months, I'm feeling more pressure to buckle down and figure out a homeschooling curriculum. I worry that my lax schedule will interfere with teaching adequately but hopefully, finding the right guideline to use will facilitate bringing not only the girls but myself into line.

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