Saturday, March 19, 2011

Weekend already?

This week has kind of flown by. Chad got home Sunday and stayed home sick on Monday. I guess he caught something on the plane. I don't even remember what I did Tuesday and Wednesday... Oh! I took the girls to a local mall Wednesday. We showed up at Barnes and Noble just in time for their Story Hour. I didn't know they did one at all and it was AWESOME! Mr Jeff is very animated and seems to love interacting with the kids. Definitely going to make that a new part of our routine.

Thursday, Isobel had a dentist appointment. It turns out the dark spot I was worried about is indeed a small cavity starting but hopefully it won't take a big filling. She did really well at letting the dentist poke around in her mouth and polish her teeth. It helped that they have this neat Kangaroo toy with TEETH in it's mouth. She brushed them over and over and then held his little paw while her teeth were being polished. So cute!

Spring.... where are you? Some days it's cold, some days it's HOT and I want nice middle of the road weather.

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