Saturday, March 12, 2011

Skype babies

Daddy is in Vancouver till tomorrow and the girls got to have their first Skype call with him tonight. Lily absolutely loved the whole concept... she kept waving to him, trying to give kisses and loved when he would get up close to the camera and make silly faces. Izzy liked it but was more interested in trying to entertain Daddy with hand stands and general silliness. I think his absence has left her a little wound up so hopefully when he's back, she returns to a more calm normality. Yeah right... heh

Before Chad  left, I thought about painting our room/bathroom. It's hard to do stuff like that when we have to have access to the room every night so when he's out of town, it's a prime time for creativity. Tuesday afternoon, we picked out colors and got the paint. When the girls went to bed, I got started on the cutting in process. Oy. I am NOT a fan of cutting in. It's so time consuming! And having to squoosh all the furniture into the middle of the room to have space for the giant ladder? Yikes. At least I got all the top cutting-in done before Lily started waking up. She's been having these wakeful  nights on and off lately... she wakes up crying and then calms down once I check on her. But for some reason, she struggles to go back to sleep and is sometimes awake for 2-3 hours.

So Tuesday night, I ended up penning the dogs in the hallway and sleeping on the girls' floor with my hand stuck in Lily's crib. She finally passed out sometime after midnight. Wednesday night, she slept fairly normally but Izzy woke up a couple of times. Thursday night, Lily had the same wakefulness. Their floor is SO not comfortable. And waking up at the crack of dawn with Izzy and sneaking downstairs so as not to wake Lily is not terribly fun, either.

The painting is done, tho. I painted Tuesday/Wednesday night and Thursday during what was supposed to be Izzy's nap (she just played on the couch in the living room). Friday, I painted the main part of the bathroom and today I wrapped up with the little WC. I was hoping to paint the girls' bathroom as well but I think I'm gonna hold off on that for a little while. Maybe even do it a different color. Our room and the bathroom is a LOT of yellow. ;-)

I miss my honey. His being away on these trips has gotten easier to handle but I still am not a fan. I find myself to be very short tempered the last couple of days. It stinks he can't take off Monday to hang out with us.

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