Monday, September 28, 2009

You want me to WHAT? With my WHAT?

A month or two ago, we bought a used Wii. It was apparently a very gently used one, as the children it was bought for lost interest and started to play with their PS3. Ostensibly, we bought this Wii so we could buy the Fit/balance board and start being a little better about doing things to actually improve our physical condition. I won't lie. I didn't want a Wii because it seems like a time-suck but when the boy had his most recent physical at work and found out his good cholesterol is again too low and his BMI is too high, it seemed like a good compromise.

I think I have used the Wii about 6 times since it took up residence here. It's fun... don't get me wrong. It's not like I don't want to play around with it and unlock even longer Hula-Hooping challenges. I just don't have the time/energy to set aside for this thing. I'm too busy being active to relax and work out. Surely there are ways to use laundry, chasing a toddler, vacuuming and nursing as ways to improve balance, flexibility and core strength. And when I figure that out, I'll be super-fit and wealthy because I will indeed find a way to sell the secret to somebody.

Kid stuff:

Lily is now 4 months old and 17.25 pounds. Izzy didn't reach that weight till she was 6 months. I imagine Lily will be at least 20 pounds by Christmas. Izzy's only 27 right now so there won't be much of a gap left.

Izzy is talking almost like a full grown person. She still uses some baby-ish but most of her speech is clear even to outsiders and she uses sentences more often than not. It's astounding to me that the human brain can master all this at such a young age. I know it's been happening for millenia but it's a miracle every time, I think.


Preseason hockey is a little disappointing. Lots of new faces and not as much energy and excitement as I'd like to see. I'm hoping the regular season will be better.

Today: I have a massive headache. I'm pretty sure I just need to relax and not have my hair in a pony tail but the odds are not in my favor for having a nice long soak. Maybe once the girls are in bed, I'll get around to it.

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