Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year! New teeth!

Ok, not for me, tho... for Lily. She has two little tiny teeth and is just itching to use them on something yummy. She's working on learning to crawl. I wish I could remember being this age because it SEEMS like it would be terrifically exciting to be learning new stuff all the time. She looks like she's very pleased with herself when she gets up on all fours and starts to rock. Won't be long and I'll be wishing she didn't know how to crawl, as I chase her out of everything.

In 5 months, Lily will be ONE! I don't like to think about this at all. I was so thrilled to be having a second baby to enjoy all the baby stages again ad now she's moving along, inexorably moving towards toddlerhood and then childhood. Argh. Babies don't stay babies for long enough.

Tried out some new yoga poses today. Half Moon and... some sort of chair pose. Dear lord, it just about burned my thighs and calves up. I know it's good for me because I'm nowhere near as limber or toned as I'd like to be but jeebus... must it hurt so much? I'm determined to be in better shape, though. Not being fat isn't good enough, I need to actually be FIT!

New Year's resolutions: I didn't make any this year. Not even an Uber List. I need to, though. I have many crafts and projects I'd like to tackle this year, not to mention a kitchen/bedroom to reorganize and declutter. I'm determined to get rid of STUFF. If/when we have to move again, I don't want to have so much to pack or get rid of 'last minute'. It's exhausting to carry all this around.

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