Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Some things just never change.

At Stream, a good portion of my day passed before I was even truly awake. Our schedule was 7-6, four days a week. This is a good schedule to have, you know. Your work day starts before you're conscious enough to rebel against it and ends before it's too late to accomplish worthwhile tasks.

This morning I got up, showered, watered the front yard and flower beds and then drove to work before I had even really stopped yawning. I'm still yawning. The more I read this entry, the more somnambulant I'm becoming.

Thinking about the similarities makes me miss my morning pastries. :( I have a feeling that once I'm on my own with the driving, I'll still be leaving early just so I can stop at a gas station and pay a dollar and a half for a semi-healthful pastry. But Yoohoo is out of the question. That shit will fuck you up.

Have you seen the video clip with Tony Blair and Dub talking about the Hezbollah/Israel issue? I can't stand the way our president chews with his mouth open and SMACKS constantly but I do think he was right about the Syrian and Lebanese gov'ts needing to take charge and stop this shit. It's insane. Call off your rabid dogs or put them down, methinks.

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