Thursday, July 27, 2006

The more things change, the more they stay the same

I find myself staring off into space more than I used to. With nothing to distract me, it's easy to plan out the rest of my week while boring a visual hole into the wall. This differs from being jobless only because I now have things I can't do every day that I wish I could.

Purchasing a massage/mani/pedi package for someone yesterday makes me more aware of my own self. I could do with an hour-long rub-down and cuticle adjustment. You know the massage kiosks in the malls now? No one ever offers me a massage there. They accost the overweight and the elderly instead. More cushion for the pushin'? No one wants to try to work out the kinks on me... I assume because they're not sure what's a kink and what's a rib or shoulderblade. Moo ha. Skinny-joke, you see.

I didn't eat breakfast this morning and I don't have any bagels left. Yesterday, I discovered that they'd turned green and blue with mold. It was disheartening. That peanut butter under the ledge of the desk/counter is calling my name, though. Surely no one here would be surprised to see me eating it by the spoonful.

Lou Dobbs is on to the President and his wiley law-avoidance. Unfortunately, not enough people are aware enough of what it all entails to actually DO anything about it. So the example of law circumvention will continue and the public at large will continue to bemoan the disregard for law that's so prevalent in big business and small children.

You don't think it all trickles down?

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