Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Yeah, I wasn't excited about that title either. Sorry.

Here's what happens when Star Trek: TNG is repeating episodes I saw less than a month ago:

Washed all the windows in the house. I can actually SEE! Looking out my kitchen window is like looking through NOTHING. It's amazing. Of course now I feel like a slob for not having washed the windows for months. Yick.

I meant to plant some seeds today. Got as far as some thyme and basil and that was it. Distracted by the nasty weeds in the front flower bed. Tomorrow, Bunny Tail grass will go in the ground and hopefully that'll work out nicely. My yard lacks character.

Looking at cell phones with a friend of mine has made me want a new phone. I like my phone, I do. But it's not CUTE. My last phone was cute. I suppose I could just put the SIM back in it and use it but I dunno. Maybe I will.... I'll miss the camera feature tho. Dammit.

Time to do something with my hair. I dyed it a couple of weeks ago and it's starting to bug me again. It's getting too long, too. Need to chop it or start dreadlocking it or something... anything.

Note to the general public: telling someone that somebody else said something shitty about them and you claimed to be their friend and defended them does NOT make you the good guy. It makes you a braggart and an idiot. Kindly go fuck yourself.

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