Friday, March 3, 2006

The house is semi-presentable. Laundry is done. The cake is baked and iced and sprinkled. The futon cushion is flipped.

Ok. About that futon. The cushion is very thick and firm but I imagine that, like any other mattress, it should be rotated to promote even wear. I braced my shins against the bottom rail of the frame and grabbed the top part of the cushion. *tug* Nothing happens. Try to grab more of the cushion-cover and *tug* again. This time, it arches away from me, in what I assume is an effort to crawl over the back side of the frame. I rap my shins against the rail. Hard. A few more yanks on the top of the cushion and I manage to get it to stand very nearly on end but I can't get it to flip over. Stupid futons. After a while of wrestling it, I flip the behemoth over and try to bend it so that it will actually stay on the frame. Nothing doing. So I have a cushion trying to lay flat but forced to angle and it looks awful. By this time, the cats are worried they'll be crushed and have fled the living room. Puck stares at me, wagging her tail helpfully. "You can do it! You have thumbs." I pull the whole cushion off the frame and lay it on the floor, where I proceed to jump up and down on the "spine" that has developed in the half a year it's been in service. After all the jumping, I still had to try to get it back on the frame. It's no longer bending the wrong direction, now it's rigid and flat. Man-handling the pad back onto the frame, I punch feebly at the weird bulge that's appeared where there's supposed to be a curve. "I should work out more often." A few pillows and a blanket later, the futon is hideously deformed but at least the cushion has been flipped.

Score 1 for the Rotation of the Mattress.

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