Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I'm crap at this whole 'blogging' thing. I do things that would be fun to post about but did I take pictures? No. No, I didn't. The thought never even occured to me. *sigh*

I fixed the dryer today. It was making this godawful squealing noise the other night. I poked around on google for a while to see if I could find someone who'd posted the issue/solution. Sure enough, has the exact information I require. Down to the pictures of the inside of the dryer. Wootness. So, here's what I did. I took the back of the dryer off. Can't reach anything from there so I put it back on. That's when I went to google and looked for solutions. Found out that the best way to get into the dryer is to unscrew the lint trap and then lift the top off. Hooray! Dryer guts! The next step was to take the front panel of the dryer off and then 'unstring the belt.' Um... ok. How? I don't know. *sigh* The front panel was easy enough to take off but unstring the belt? Yeesh. So I wrestled with the drum a little and tried to slip the belt off the back end of it. I think that took about 5 minutes and then when it slipped off, the pulley and whatnot came apart of themselves. Yay. I turned the shaft that goes through the motor and guess what? No squealing. Shit. I pulled on it and turned it at the same time and yay! squealing! Culprit!!! heh. Air-in-a-can removes dust, WD-40 soothes joints and presto! A dryer that doesn't scream at me!! I think the felt seal on the back end of the drum needs to be replaced but who cares? That's gonna be cake.

The moral of the story is: call me when your dryer screams at you. I can pretend I know what I'm doing and I might even fix it.

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