Sunday, July 15, 2012

July 15, 2012

This summer break with Ben has gone by so quickly. :( It's been a good time, even if we haven't done a whole lot of new/exciting things. Chad's been off the last week and will be off this week as well. Hopefully, we'll make it to the zoo soon, before it gets even hotter.

Tonight, the boys are at the lake, getting some 'camping' in. Pops will join them tomorrow morning to do some fishing. I don't understand the attraction, especially if the fish aren't going to be eaten by us. haha. But I'm glad they're getting some 'man' time together. Ben does so well with the girls that it's easy to forget that he's so much older and likes to do different things.

Last weekend, Chad took Ben to do some paint-ball... shooting? playing? I don't know what you call it. It was for a friend's birthday so I'm sure Ben enjoyed being out with older kids and other guys. He had a pretty nifty battle wound to show for it, which he couldn't help showing off to everyone who was interested. Boys... ;)

Izzy will be 5 on Wednesday. ACK! I am NOT ready for that. I still have to print/put together a few party things and, you know, buy her a present. She wanted some "stompeez"... silly house shoes that flap or open mouths when you step. But she didn't ask for them till like a week ago and that doesn't leave much time for shipping. I asked her to think some more and she came up with a 'purple haired LaLaLoopsy' doll of her very own. Should be easy enough to find one of those.

Lily has been super accident prone lately. Fell down and skinned both knees a week ago and then fell and skinned a new spot on one knee yesterday at Taste Dallas. Poor kid looks so rough with three band-aids on her knees. She's running a fever today... hoping it doesn't turn into anything major.

School is around the corner and I have done NOTHING to get really and truly ready. Ugh. I wanted to keep schooling through the summer but that just didn't happen. Not the way I'd wanted it to, anyway. We did more reading and kids are always learning, one way or another, but we didn't do the book-a-week thing I'd hoped. Oh well.

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  1. Ben really is such a sweet kid. I just love him.

    I hope Lily feels better. Tell me on FB some suggestions for Izzy's party! :)

    Don't worry about school... we didn't do much of anything* this summer either.

    *Where "much of anything" means "anything".

    Love you friend!