Saturday, July 2, 2011

July 2, 2011

This morning, the girls and I met my mom at temple for services. I wondered how things would go for a couple of reasons. Rabbi is out on vacation and I had both girls with me, not just Izzy. Lily doesn't sit still, she refuses to be quiet and she has absolutely no intention of minding mama. We made it through the first prayers ok but once we started actual reading/discussion, Lily had enough. I walked her up and down the hallway and begged her to be quiet, even for just a little bit. No dice, mama!

When service was nearly over, I thought surely Lily would give in and sit with me if I just didn't give her any options. She was still too noisy though and a lady sitting by us leaned over to inform me that she couldn't hear the girl leading service.

Um. Yeah.

Tell me my child is too noisy for YOU, as if I hear everything going on but am willfully subjecting you to the torture of listening to a 2 year old? *sigh* I wanted to cry. Eventually, I did cry. Nothing makes you feel like a failure like a stranger pointing out that your child is, oddly enough, not easy to control.

We picked up Daddy and met Mom for lunch, where the girls behaved normally. And out of the blue, a lady from a nearby table stopped at our table on the way out to say she enjoyed sharing the dining room with our girls and just wanted to let us know that. Was I wearing a sign? How did she know that I needed to hear that my girls ARE nice to be around, that I'm not failing to train them to behave? I'm so thankful that she felt led to say those nice things. Maybe she needed to hear soothing words when she was a young mother, maybe she has noisy grandchildren, maybe she's just the type to pay forward the little kindnesses she receives along the way. Whatever the reason, I hope she has a wonderful day and knows she made mine that much better as well.

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