Thursday, August 12, 2010

Things I'd rather not be doing right now

The list is NOT a mile long, but it FEELS a mile long.

Putting all 250 4" balls back in the kiddie pool.
Hanging clothes in the closet.
Cleaning up the stove.
Sorting junk on the counter.
Feeding the dog.
Picking up dress-up shoes, hula hoops, dolls, coloring papers, phones, books, purses, play money, the tent, the princess couch, blocks, dishes, stuffed animals, ad infinitum.

Yard sale is imminent. I'm thinking next weekend. Bye-bye baby stuff! Go clutter someone else's house.

Lily is walking everywhere. It only took her 14 months. ;) Unfortunately this means that it's also getting more difficult to keep an eye on her. And she climbs on everything. Chairs, couches, tables, play kitchen hutch, love sac. She has no fear. It's terrifying for me because I've made it 3 years with no hospital visits and she's gonna end up being the one getting stitches or a cast first.

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