Thursday, August 26, 2010

Latest addition

Sometime in the last couple of weeks, Nicole sent me an email with a link to a funny article about a dog. This dog apparently surprised the daylights out of a jogger in OK by jumping on him and licking him. I thought it was a cute story and really wanted the dog. I told the boy about this dog and while he thought she sounded great, I could tell that this wasn't going to be anything more than an "awww!" story.

This changed a few days later when the boy asked if I'd found out anything more about this dog. Where she was, if anyone had claimed her, etc. A drive to Oklahoma wouldn't be SO bad for a dog. Right?

I emailed the girlfriend of the guy who found this pup and she said a rescue group from Utah had heard about her and just picked her up. Utah. UTAH. That's... like... UTAH! So far away. We briefly considered a quick road trip with the girls. But then that left Pullo here and Mom stuck taking care of him. Also, that would mean 20 hours in the car EACH way with the kiddos. Argh. I love my girls but I didn't want to do a 40 speed-trip with them.

Just not meant to be, huh?

I suggested that the boy could find someone who'd want to take a quick road trip to go get the dog, if he really thought she was worth it.

Many emails with the lovely Lorraine from H.A.R.T. of Utah later, we were approved to adopt "Lilah."

The boy and Bryan left Saturday morning and drove aaaaaaaaaaall the way to Mesquite, Nevada to pick up this doggie. Yup. She's that special. Or Pullo is that lonely. Or we're THOSE suckers.

Anyway. After a brief standoff, the dogs have acclimated to each other and are apparently now the best of friends. They chew on each other's ears and faces and toes and Sophie has taken over every bit of Pullo's territory. I think he likes it, despite all the "aww, Mom!" looks he gives me.

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