Friday, March 12, 2010

Bring it on, Spring!

Every year, the time change surprises and annoys me. I'm ready for it to be done with already. Surely we could function just fine without changing our clocks twice a year. Would it really make that big a difference to people to just keep 7am where it is? Cows and such wouldn't know the difference, I'd bet you a dollar. That said, if changing the clocks makes Spring hurry up and get here, I'm willing to give this whole time-change thing another try. I've got the planting itch.

Speaking of trying things... I have some "Oikos" in front of me. Greek yogurt is WAY thicker than the yogurt I'm used to. Very odd. It tastes a little goat-y. Did I buy goat yogurt?? wth... it doesn't SAY it's made with goat milk but there's a distinctive upper-rear palate zest... Oh well. I'll live. At least it has blueberries in it. :)

Lily is 10 months old today. TEN! What happened to my tiny baby?? (Yes, I said it again. I will probably continue to say it, like every other mother, every 6 months for the rest of my natural days.) She's in what I call the perfect baby zone. Still roly-poly and cuddly but also learning how to snatch food, clap her hands and cackle at everything. 2 months till the big 1 and I'm getting excited. Also, starting to miss being pregnant but I'm sure that'll pass. All I need is a good session of both girls crying and maybe a muddy disobedient dog and I'll be SO glad to be done having babies.

Ugh... I have blueberry seed or skin stuck in my teeth and it's not coming out. How are we even aware of something that small being stuck in the crevice of a molar, anyway? It seems impossible... get a tiny seed stuck in your teeth and you'll know it but if your glasses are on your head, you'll continue to scour the house for 'em.

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