Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Goodbye, February!

I wanted to just write about my pregnancy right now but I can't help hearing the mad ukrainian here yell at someone on speaker-phone. He's not yelling because he's mad, he just likes to yell. Current recipient of the yelling is a guy who JUST told him that he's not working today. Still, the ukrainian yells... "you got a piece of paper? something you can scratch on? you need to write this down 'cause otherwise i know you gonna forget by tomorrow." Irritating to listen to all this.

30 minutes ago, this person was leaning over my shoulder telling me what to copy and paste because he didn't have time. It's done now and I don't think he's done anything in the meantime. Oh well. It was something to do.

Ok. On to the pregnancy stuff.

4.5 months done, same to go. Lots more baby-squirmings lately. People are starting to say 'wow, you really ARE showing!' heh. They all thought I wouldn't because I was so small without a baby in there. Sillies. Baby is making her/his presence known whether I like it or not. Not keeping me up at night, at least. When I do wake up, I don't typically feel anything unless I get up and use the bathroom and then toss and turn for a while. My movement wakes the baby up rather than vice versa. I read somewhere that he/she is already on a 'newborn schedule'... if that's so, then this baby is gonna be up when I am and ready to sleep when I am. That would be amazing.

Ideas for the nursery are slow in coming. I think I want to use Cicely Barker artwork primarily: Something classic and pretty. I don't want to go all out with cutesie stuff and then feel like I need to change it in two or three years. Three framed prints on a wall with gauze or cambric ribbon swooped over them... Something like that. And I wouldn't feel silly doing that in our room while the baby's in there with us. I figure the first 6 months or so he/she will sleep in our room. I might change my mind at some point, of course. But I think it'd make sense to do it that way.
Having a baby is surreal and so natural at the same time. Natural for some pretty obvious reasons, I suppose. It's what the female body is made for. But on a personal level, it just feels like what I am meant for. It's been an enjoyable pregnancy so far. Discomforts are certainly there but the feelings of contentment greatly overwhelm them.
I know the boy has worried in the past that having a baby will mean that he won't get as much attention. I hope that's not something that happens. I don't think it will. Maybe that's why I want a girl so much. I know he'll just fall in love with a daughter and as long as we're both enjoying the baby equally, it shouldn't be hard to make adequate time for each other. A baby, in and of itself, is not my goal. A baby with HIM is.

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