Monday, April 23, 2012

April 23, 2012

So, we bought a juicer a few weeks ago and after letting it sit in the kitchen for a while, I finally got it out, looked up some recipes, and hit the grocery store. We've done smoothies with various fruits/veggies in the past and while they've tasted ok, the texture wasn't a hit. Fruit/yogurt smoothies are about the only way to go. So... yes. I was a little skeptical about using kale, cabbage, and beets in a drink but after a few different combinations, I've gotta say that it hasn't been bad. We've done kale/cabbage/carrot/apple juice, kale/cabbage/carrot/apple/pear, all of the above with beets/celery, and then tonight's treat was carrot/apple/orange/ginger. I sprinkled ground ginger in all of them except today's- used fresh. I definitely can taste it more when it's fresh. I like the zing it adds.

I'm not sure I could do one of the the longer cleanses but aside from lunch today, we're working on a three day juice diet this week. It wasn't bad this morning. I didn't even realize I hadn't eaten anything solid till after the girls had already finished their lunch. I actually FORGOT that my lunch was even ready till after I'd been babbling on to Chad about random things in the office for a while.  I'm such a grazer, tho, that I'm not sure I can actually commit to the real juice reboot. Maybe it wouldn't count against me if what I graze on is more fruit?

Anywhoo. That's going on.

Passover was a short week. I thought it would be hard to be leaven-free but the days flew by and the girls didn't seem to really notice that they didn't have the same meals/snacks as usual. Yom HaAtzmaut is Thursday and we'll have a carnival at temple on Sunday. I didn't go last year... I don't remember why. But it sounds like it's going to be a lot of fun so I'm not missing it again.

The girls and I picked up cinder blocks and soil/compost this morning and while they were napping, I put together a little raised bed garden in the back yard. I really hope the dogs leave it alone. I'll probably have to put up some sort of fence, tho. So far, we have green beans, lettuce, spinach and some herbs planted. I'm hoping I remembered the right herbs to deter flies. They have been AWFUL this year already. Poor doggies are just bit all to pieces every day.

I suppose that about covers it. We had Ben this past weekend and spent Saturday afternoon at Joel and Stacey's house for Rowen's birthday party. Ben and the other kids swam/splashed in the pool. It's so fun to watch Ben really dive in. He's not what you'd call an 'accomplished' swimmer but he's got leagues on me. This summer ought to be a lot of fun if we can spend a good portion of our weekends on the lake. I think water-play is perfect for Ben... it requires the energy he seems to have.

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