Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Is it Spring already?

The sun is out, the breeze is warm. If only we had grass in the yard instead of muddy nothing...

Spending diet is going pretty well so far. We've cut back on eating out and shopping at Aldi is making a big difference in our grocery bill. I don't have a dollar amount for how much we're managing to "save" but I have been keeping tabs on how much I spend each week on groceries and I anticipate comparing this month's credit card expenditures with last month's and seeing a pretty big difference.

Of course, this small success comes when we're facing spending WAY too much on the old house. A pipe burst in the attic and by the time anyone noticed, all but a couple of rooms had caved in ceilings and standing water. All the hard work that Chad's dad and his crew put into to fixing up the house is completely obliterated. Insurance may pick up the tab but it's still a serious pain to have to deal with.

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