Sunday, January 9, 2011

What's up, Texas??

Since when did snowfall in winter become a normal Texas occurrence? Izzy still talks about last year's snowman so she's already anticipating the same this time. "After my nap, I can put on my real gloves, not my kitchen gloves, and build a snow man!" I love how she differentiates between pretend items and real world items.

Lily has discovered calling people 'honey'. I always wonder how those things click... when and how do toddlers comprehend that a word you're saying actually MEANS something and WHAT it means. About a week ago, she surprised us by crawling into her Daddy's lap and saying 'hi! hi, honey!' Sometimes she calls her babies honey or even 'Nuny', I guess because that's what she hears from us all the time. She's suddenly developed a love of baby dolls and carries them around all the time, talking to them or singing to them. When she puts things on her head or tries to wear something of mine, she breaks into song, always starting off with 'ah-aaaah-ah-aaah'. As if she's mimicking opera. :)

For the last month or so, Izzy has been talking about her next birthday. She's decided she wants a Snow White birthday party this time around. I figured she'd change her mind multiple times, depending on what we watched or did between now and then but she's pretty stuck on this idea. Should probably just be glad to have this much advance warning of what she wants so I can properly plan this time.

 Posing for Hanukkah pictures. :)
 Poking around in Mommy's kitchen.
Practicing round braids. :)

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