Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sick baby...

I don't know if it's just really bad allergies or what but Izzy has been stuffy and feverish since Friday. It sucks. Her fever finally seemed to break Monday, after some vomiting throughout the day but the funk it still here. I hate it. It makes her appetite go away and she's not a big kid to begin with. :( She's sleeping now. I hope she feels better and more like herself when she wakes up. As much as I like her being all cuddly, I think I'd rather see her running around yelling and making a mess of the house. I haven't had to pick up her toys in two days. :(

Lily is doing well. Dr. appointment yesterday was sucky, because I waited an HOUR to be seen and then was told they wanted to do my glucose screening, which takes another hour. If they knew they wanted to do it, they should have given me my drink when I came in. That's how it went last time. I guess the new staff is just not on the ball. Makes me miss my nurse from last time even more. Where are you, Cecilia?? :(

I weigh 125 pounds. Not too shabby! I'm hoping I won't gain more than another 10 so it'll be easier to get back down to a normal weight after Lily is born. I'd be fine with getting down to 120 and staying there. Makes my clothes fit better. :)

Economic news sucks. Today there's some sort of Congressional grilling of the big bank CEO's. I hope they do more than just give a tongue lashing. There needs to be some true accountability. All those billions of dollars the banks accepted needs to trickle down to the small business owners or things will just get worse and worse.

Blah. Not much going on other than the day-to-day stuff. Laundry, dishes, cooking, cleaning... meh. I don't know what else I want to be doing but after a while, I just feel like a housekeeper/nursemaid. I kinda wanted to dress up and go out for V-day but financially, it's not terribly responsible and if Izzy is still sick, I won't want to go out anyway.

Two new babies on my mama-board. Carter Patrick and Kylee Marie: pretty pretty babies! I think that means we have... 12 more to go? Crazy how quickly we're having second kids. I would imagine a few of us wouldn't be if we hadn't been friends and found the support we needed through the first year with our firsts. So yay Friendship!! :)

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