Friday, March 23, 2007

Friday! Hooray!

I thought today would never get here. And it's dragging by so very slowly. :(

Yesterday it occurred to me that while I've taken care of plenty of babies, I've never been solely responsible. I use 'solely' very loosely, of course. I have the best partner for this. But I've never felt this kind of pressure to know so much about taking care of a baby. It's one thing to provide supplemental care for a baby that's already being raised by someone else but to have to provide everything? Skeery.

Things we need to do before Izzy is born:

1. Rearrange the bedroom to accommodate a crib. I know we have plenty of space for it, it's just a matter of finding the BEST place. Mustn't be right by the window or by a door or in a draft.

2. Put bookshelves in the bedroom/get books out of the spare room.

3. Childproof cabinets! Can't put that off till she's crawling around or it'll never actually get done.

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